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Celebrating Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month

May has been officially proclaimed as “Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month.” This month is set aside to celebrate the incredible cultures, traditions, and histories of the Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the United States. One month can never do justice to the extraordinary contributions of these groups to the broader culture.

Renew and Rebuild: Our Communities and Beyond

This year’s Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month theme is “Renew and Rebuild: Our Communities and Beyond.” The pandemic impacted people from every culture. As Americans, we have a duty to uplift and support our friends, neighbors, and colleagues, particularly Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, who have faced a unique set of challenges over the years of the pandemic.

A Month to Celebrate Our Neighbors, Friends, and Associates.

North American history has been forever shaped by the contributions of immigrants from Asia, the Pacific, and the Pacific Islands. This commemorative month was chosen to mark the first immigrants from Japan to the USA back in 1843 and the anniversary of the transcontinental railroad’s completion in May 1869. The railroad tracks were laid with the arduous work, sweat, and dedication of Chinese immigrants – just the beginning of a long history of work, dedication, and the establishment of businesses we all enjoy in every state in the country.

A Brief History: The First Asian Immigrants

The very first arrival of Asians to America was in 1587, with some Filipinos arriving in California. It is believed that the first Japanese person to arrive in America was a young Japanese boy accompanying a Franciscan friar in 1587.

Ancestral Roots and the Story of America

The United States is a unique country, admired by people of all backgrounds and countries as a bastion of liberty and freedom, and where any individual can achieve their dreams and practice their religion without fear of reprisal and with acceptance. It is clear that we have not attained the ultimate goals of our founders. We hope that all the many groups that make up this great country can share its beauties and opportunities fairly and can live together in harmony with time. We support and honor Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in our communities and firmly believe that these people are among the most talented and productive people in our great land.

About five of every ten Asians aged 16 or older are in management, business, science, or the arts. There is no question that these groups bring energy, dedication, and hard work to the broader culture in the United States. Pacific Islanders own one out of every 100 companies in the country. It is time to engage in sharing our cultures and enjoy the contributions the people of these lands have brought to the fabric of America.

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